Our Services

Accounting Services

With the ever-increasing pressures to reduce costs but still provide accurate and timely internal financial statements, many companies are struggling to find the most qualified staff to efficiently meet their accounting and finance needs. Let us help your organization fill its accounting role, whether it’s temporary or permanent, part-time or full-time.

Tax Services

At A. Sharper CPA, PLLC, we work with individuals and businesses when it comes to filing tax returns to ensure that you are receiving the maximum refund, or paying the least amount possible.

We also provide ‘Forward Tax Planning’ to many of our customers throughout the year, where we advise on business decisions and purchases to ensure that when tax time comes round your tax burden is minimized. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your business investments and expenses are eligible for every deduction possible.

Consulting Services

Today’s economic challenges have forced more and more people to take control of their own destiny by starting a new business. Let us enhance your understanding of business through our consulting division. Whether you are looking for resources for business startup or looking to improve an existing business we can help.

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